Jukka Penttilä

Born:23/5 1953 in Raahe, Finland


Primary School                            60-64                                    in Finland

Secondary School                       64-69                                    in Finland

High School                                  69-73                                    in Finland

Military Service                           73-74                                    in Finland

The Raahe Institute of

Computer Science                      76-77                                    in Finland

The University of

Umeå, Computer

Science and Economy                77-82                                    in Sweden


Rautaruukki Oy,                           78-80                                    in Finland
as IBM 4341 Main Frame programmer

SoftPlan AB                                  82-84                                     in Sweden
As Nokia mini computer programmer in POS solutions

Tietohaka OY                                 84                                         in Finland
As Nokia mini computer programmer in POS communication solutions

Nokia Data AB                              84-88                                    in Sweden, Denmark and Norway
As Nokia mini computer programmer and project manager in POS and EFT solutions

NCR corp.                                      88-89                                    in Sweden and UK
As project manager in POS and EFT solutions

Datalogic/Gap Gemini               90-91                                     in Sweden
As project manager in POS and EFT solutions

Intress AB                                  91-2002                                 in Sweden, Denmark, Finland,
                                                                                                     Norway, Germany, France, Spain,
As MD, programmer, project manager, salesman etc in POS and EFT solutions

Last three years I also have been working as freelancer for Fintress Oy  and other customers within EFT, EMV, WAP, SMS, MMS, RFID and other POS and mobile messaging solutions.

Specialist in:

I have over 20 years experience in different roles from programmer to project manager and all around person in development and installation of POS, EFT, RFID and handheld terminal solutions. 

I speak and write fluently Finnish, Swedish and English, understand both spoken and written Norwegian and Danish. I also understand quite much and speak a little bit German.    

POS                        Point of Sales

EFT                        Electronic Fund Transfer

EMV                       Europay, MasterCard and Visa standard for card payments

WAP                      Wireless Application Protocol

SMS                       Short Message Service

MMS                      Multimedia Messaging Service

RFID                      Radio Frequency IDentification

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